TOP CAREER Study Abroad Terms and Conditions

Your access to and use of TOP CAREER Study Abroad and related websites are subject exclusively to these Terms and Conditions. You agree that your use of TOP CAREER Study Abroad for any unlawful purposes or in violation of these Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited.

Article 1 TOP CAREER Study Abroad TOP CAREER Study Abroad is a general term for the events, online study abroad related information web site, and e-mail distribution services by Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (hereinafter Fourth Valley Concierge).
Article 2 TOP CAREER Study Abroad members TOP CAREER Study Abroad members are those who have registered for the service through the official TOP CAREER Study Abroad website or at TOP CAREER evnets and have been approved by Fourth Valley Concierge.
Article 3 Consent to the agreement We understand the registrant has given the consent to the agreement upon registering for the membership. Fourth Valley Concierge may send the registrant information regards the overseas study related information, questionnaires, brochures/information booklets on behalf of Schools (including E-mail notices). We understand members have given consent to the above.
Article 4 Modification of registered data and withdrawal Members could freely modify, add, or delete the registered information. However they shall be responsible of the registered content by themselves.
Members could withdraw anytime at their own will. If you may wish to withdraw, please send a message to with the title "Withdrawal request".
Article 5 Prohibited acts of members Members are prohibited to do any of the following:
1. Credential (username and password) are to be kept safe, and may not permit anyone to use the same and/or your account.
2. Using any other account than your own for the purpose of using the service.
3. Selling, trading or using your account for any other commercial activities than using the service.
4. Download, copy, reproduction, transmission or distribution of the content of the service.
Article 6 Deletion of registration Fourth Valley Concierge could suspend providing the services or delete registration of an individual without any prior notice upon judging the members have violated this agreement.
Article 7 Personal information 1. Definition of personal information
"Personal Information" is information of the individual member such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, school name and other information which could be used to identify the member (This includes information which could not identify the member by itself, but could be easily used to identify the member in comparison with other information) .

2. Administrator of the personal information and the purpose
Registered personal information will be administrated by Fourth Valley Concierge, and will take all possible measures to manage the information. The information will be used by Fourth Valley Concierge, however in principle, this shall not be used for purposes other than for TOP CAREER Study Abroad and its WEB related service. Purpose of this information will be for membership confirmation, direct mailing from Schools, and notice of seminars and other study abroad related information by phone-calls and emails.

3.Custodian of personal information
The personal information will be managed by the following.
6F 7th Akiyama Bldg, 5-3, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation
Custodian of personal information TOP CAREER General Manager

4. Providing personal information to companies or organizations
Based on the purpose of the TOP CAREER Study Abroad website (Entry by members), personal information provided to schools and other organizations participating in the TOP CAREER Study Abroad related events or web page may be kept and managed by each school or organization for recruiting and informing. Regards the personal information policy of each school or organization, please directly contact them. The schools and organizations are prohibited to use the personal information obtained through TOP CAREER Study Abroad official website for any other purpose than for recruiting or internship.

5. Consequences of not provided personal information
Some services provided by TOP CAREER Study Abroad may not be available for individuals who have not providing the required information.

6. Dissemination of matters related to the disclosure of personal information
Regarding matters related to purpose of "personal information disclosure" or procedures for "disclosure of information", please contact the Complaints regards personal information and Consultation Desk. We shall reply without delay.

7. Supervision of the consignee
Upon consigning handling of all or part of personal information, appropriate and necessary supervision of the consignee will take place in order for safe management of personal information.

8. Providing personal information to a third party
By principle, we will not provide personal information of members to a third party without the member’s approval. However, under the following situations, we may disclose the information without approval upon the condition this does not violate the relevant Acts.
(1) When based on the law
(2) When necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, and is difficult to ask for approval of the individual.
(3) When necessary to improve the public health to promote the healthy development of the children, and is difficult to ask for approval of the individual.
(4) When there is a need to cooperate with a National organization, local governments, or individuals acting on behalf of them, and there may be possibility to hinder the actions by asking for approval.

9. Range/definition of a third party
Under the following circumstances, those who shall be provided the personal information shall not be considered third party.

(1) When Fourth Valley Concierge shall entrust whole or part of the management of personal information within the permissible range to fulfill the purpose.
(2) In case of merger or other reasons, the personal information shall be inherited along with the business.

10. Exemption clause
Under the following circumstances, Fourth Valley Concierge shall not be responsible for the acquisition of personal information by third parties.

(1) When the member chooses to disclose personal information to a specific company through the TOP CAREER Study Abroad functions or other methods.
(2) When unexpected identification has been made through the content used for registration (other than those data considered personal information).
(3) When some countries and jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of implied terms in contracts with consumers and as a result the contents of the sections may not apply to the users.
Article 8 Responsibilities of Fourth Valley Concierge Fourth Valley Concierge shall not bear any responsibility for the damage (mental anguish, interruption of study, and/or any disadvantage including economic loss) caused by the registration, usage, providing of information, and information provided through TOP CAREER Study Abroad and related websites, unless there shall be an intentional or gross negligence on Fourth Valley Concierge. Also, in case the distributed e-mails may not be readable due to corruption of text, or malfunction of the internet due to malfunction of the equipment, Fourth Valley Concierge shall not bear the responsibility of re-sending e-mails, or for malfunction of the internet. Fourth Valley Concierge will not disclose the method of providing information, matching algorithms (The matching results will differ by each person depending on the registrant’s profile, matching conditions, and our algorithms used), and any logic related to the content on the TOP CAREER Study Abroad and related websites.
Article 9  Responsibility for a third party In case a member shall cause damage to a third party through the registration or usage of TOP CAREER Study Abroad, the member shall solve the problem under own responsibility. Fourth Valley Concierge shall not interfere or take responsibility of such trouble/conflict.
Article 10 Compensation for damage When a member violates the agreement and shall cause damage, whether direct or indirect, to Fourth Valley Concierge, the member shall be obliged for the compensations for the damage.
Article 11 TOP CAREER Study Abroad may revise, add, or delete any information without consent from the members.
Supplementary provision
・This Agreement will be implemented as of November 1st ,2015.

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Enacted: April 26th, 2012
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